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Cedar Homes Oregon | 13 Years Later and Still Stunning

I grew up in the trades. From a very young age, I started cleaning job sites and stripping foundations. Both my father and my grandfather were contractors, so it gave me plenty of opportunities to learn about construction. As I grew up, I learned everything from framing and siding to finishing work. I know how to do everything I ask my team to do and I work with the same team on every job, which means I can promise what you’re getting.

Cedar Homes Oregon

When it comes to designing and building cedar homes Oregon, I have the experience necessary to craft beautiful and timeless structures. One of the first Ross Built cedar homes Oregon, featured a scenic view of the Deschutes River, but ended up being a somewhat challenging job site. The lot was sloped and included a 14 foot concrete stem wall. The lot is located directly on a canyon and includes stunning views, but we weren’t able to access the backside of the home with a forklift.

  • Built primarily from cedar
  • Cleaned out many area mills in order to get enough cedar
  • Includes cedar siding, ceilings and more
  • Features many logs and timber
  • I personally timber framed and sided this and other cedar homes Oregon

I am very proud of this home I built 13 years ago. In addition to the timber framing and siding, I also laid the foundation. The family I built this home for still lives there to this day and continue to be happy with the finished project. This project, which was built 13 years ago, was very state-of-the-art, especially for the time, including fiber optics and a great sound system.

This home truly showcases my skills in building cedar homes Oregon. The brand new construction of this home is approximately 5,000 square feet and built primarily from cedar. With an office, media room and large garage, this two bedroom home exhibits the ultimate in cedar homes Oregon luxury.

When considering cedar homes Oregon, contact Ross Built Homes for information about timber framing, new home construction and remodeling.

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