Central Oregon new home lots

What to Consider When Choosing Central Oregon New Home Lots

When it comes to choosing Central Oregon new home lots, there are many factors to consider. For many homeowners or future homeowners, the thought of purchasing raw land to build on can be intimidating. From the availability of utilities to topography to neighborhood, there are many factors that can influences the purchase of lots for new homes in Central Oregon.

Questions to Ask When Considering Central Oregon New Home Lots

  • Is the lot set up for all utilities – Water, sewer, electric, gas, cable/Internet?
  • How is the lot accessed? Is the lot accessible via public roads?
  • Are there any easements on the property that wouldn’t allow a permanent structure to be built?
  • What is the topography of the land like? Is there any uneven terrain that will have to be leveled to support the home’s foundation?
  • Is the property zoned?
  • Is the lot part of a subdivision and will it be maintained by a HOA?
  • Are there any troublesome elements that may affect where your house can be built on the lot?

While the questions that need to be asked and answered about choosing Central Oregon new home lots can go on without limits, a knowledgeable new home builder in Bend can help you along the way. Choosing a new home builder with local knowledge and expertise can save you time and money down the road. Additionally, when you involve a builder, like Ross Built Homes, they can help you in comparing and choosing Central Oregon new home lots.

Orientation on the Lot

Involving a new home builder can be beneficial in planning the orientation of the home on the lot both before and after you’ve purchased the property. With an eye for design and local topography, a new home builder in Bend can help maximize your views and work with the land you have.

Ross Built Homes has experience working with difficult terrain and helping homeowners choose the best orientation based on the lot they have. We’ve worked with homes on the river and overlooking canyons. Ross Build Homes can help you choose Central Oregon new home lots and guide you in positioning a house on the property.

Contact Ross Build Homes for more information about choosing Central Oregon new home lots.

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