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Why Choose to Build Craftsman Homes Bend?

Craftsman homes Bend is a term you often heard thrown around Central Oregon. The craftsman style has long been sought after and constructed all throughout Central Oregon, from Bend to Sisters to Prineville to La Pine and everywhere in between. But what exactly does the style include and why should you choose to build craftsman homes Bend?

Craftsman Homes Bend

The American Craftsman style generally incorporates architectural design, interior design, landscape design and applied decorative arts. The lifestyle philosophy associated with craftsman homes began in the later years of the 19th century, though it continues through present time.

The American Craftsman style resulted as a reaction against the industrial revolution and the devaluation of the dignity of human labor. Craftsman homes Bend emphasize handwork over mass production, something as a carpenter and contractor, I’m very proud of.

Characteristics of the Craftsman Style

  • Incorporates locally handcrafted wood, glass and metal work
  • Simple and elegant
  • Visible, sturdy structure
  • Clean lines
  • Natural materials
  • Emphasis on originality of the craftsman

While there are different iterations and interpretations of the craftsman style, Central Oregon has openly embraced the Northwest Craftsman style. Northwest Craftsman homes Bend typically work well with their natural environment: climbing hills, canyons, valleys, riverside locales and more.

Working with an experienced craftsman allows you to take advantage of the varied and natural landscapes that characterize the Pacific Northwest. From capturing the most amount of natural sunlight to positioning the home on the lot to maximize the view, craftsman-style homebuilders in Central Oregon and the Pacific Northwest have the capabilities to help you take advantage of the natural environment.

Craftsman homes Bend emphasize handwork over mass production, which is a touchstone of Ross Built Homes. From the design and artistry of handcrafted mantels to the timber framing and siding, Ross Built Homes builds craftsman homes Bend with a priority on handwork and old style values.

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