Central Oregon home builder

Choosing Your Central Oregon Home Builder

A lot of time, effort and consideration go into building a new home. In Central Oregon, there are a wide array of great options when you’re researching who you want to build your new home. There are many determining factors that go into choosing a Central Oregon home builder. From design aesthetic to experience, consider these factors when searching for your next Central Oregon home builder.

What to Consider When Choosing a Central Oregon Home Builder


While there are many experienced Central Oregon home builders, narrowing down the pack to the right type of experience will help you in the decision making process. A Central Oregon home builder experienced in modern design may not have experience in timber framing. Learn more about a Central Oregon home builder’s specific experience as it relates to your new home.

Design Aesthetic

Perhaps one of the most important factors in choosing a Central Oregon new home builder is design aesthetic. Your new home is personal. It’s where you’ll spend countless hours, enjoy time with family and friends and act as a home base for all of your experiences. Different Central Oregon home builders have different design aesthetics. A builder with an eye for modern design may not have the same eye for rustic, craftsman style.

Custom vs Customizable

When choosing a Central Oregon home builder, consider whether you want a custom new home, or a customizable new home. The difference may be hard to understand at first glance, but many builders offer homes that can be customized and aren’t truly custom to your design. You can walk through a model home and decide which upgrades you want to personalize and customize your home. Or you could choose a Central Oregon home builder that will build and design your home to be completely custom, a truly one-of-a-kind experience.

Ross Built Homes has extensive experience in building timber frame custom homes throughout Central Oregon. When you choose Ross Built Homes as your Central Oregon home builder you’re getting a truly unique and custom home built to your design and specifications. Contact Ross Built Homes for more information about custom build homes in Central Oregon.

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