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Choosing Custom Built Homes Bend Over Customized

Custom built homes Bend have many advantages. Whether finally making the move to Bend after all these years skiing at Mt. Bachelor or building your dream home after a lifetime in Central Oregon, you have many options at your fingertips. When planning custom built homes Bend, you could go with one of the big players and end up with a “cookie-cutter” home that looks just like your neighbor’s.

While choosing the fixtures and cabinetry in your home may help give it that custom feel, there’s only one way to truly have custom built homes Bend. Choosing a craftsman, who is more than just a builder, ensures an authentic, custom built home that’s unique to your specific desires.

Custom Built, Not Customized Homes in Bend

As you drive around Central Oregon, it’s plain to see a variety of subdivisions, with not a lot of variety in home styles. While the craftsman style may be popular, it seems many builders have developed a template for their interpretation of the Northwest Craftsman home. When seeking custom built homes Bend, it might be tempting to customize one of the floor plans other builders offer with your choice of faucets and door knobs. For those dreamers that know exactly what they want, customized just won’t cut it.

Custom built homes Bend means something different to every builder. At Ross Built Homes, we specialize in true custom homes, designed and built specifically for you. Not for your neighbor. Every detail of the home features custom designs, built by my team for an authentic, custom experience.

A Custom Built Homes Bend Builder

When considering investing in custom built homes Bend, the builder makes all the difference. At Ross Built Homes, we offer a personalized experience you won’t get with other builders in town. Because we work together personally on every aspect of your kingdom, we get to know each other very well. I still go fishing with past clients, now friends, that I build custom homes for in Bend and Sisters. By working closely with a true craftsman to build your new home in Central Oregon, you develop a relationship based on trust and respect.

When it comes to truly custom built homes Bend, Ross Built Homes falls second to none. From home design to lot selection to timber framing and artisan details, invest in custom, not customized homes in Central Oregon from Ross Built Homes.

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