custom built homes with clean worksites

Custom Built Homes and the Importance of Clean Worksites

Whether choosing between custom built homes or a templated floor plan, your builder should always maintain a clean worksite. At Ross Built Homes, we place great pride in maintaining clean worksites on all of the custom built homes we’re responsible for.

Clean Worksites for Custom Built Homes

Many factors go into maintaining clean work sites for custom built homes in Central Oregon. More than just having each of the subcontractors pick up after themselves each day, Ross Built homes organizational priority at every touchpoint throughout the build contributes to the cleanliness of the job site.

At Ross Built Homes, though timelines may vary, we do everything in a certain way and follow a nice, tidy schedule. The way we organize our time and construct custom built homes in Central Oregon ends up being faster in the long run because we place priority on cleanliness and doing a great job the first time. Because of this, we provide homeowners with a great product that they will continue to love for years to come.

Custom built homes the Ross Built Homes way means no one will be tripping over each other, or over a messy worksite. We maintain an organized schedule with our subcontractors and within the team itself that promises work will always be going on in your house during the custom home building process.

When you come visit the worksite where your need home is being constructed by Ross Built Homes you won’t have to worry about seeing equipment and materials strewn all over. I am the superintendent and ensure my team and subcontractors maintain a clean worksite throughout the entire process.

At Ross Built Homes, we don’t want to put you through the ringer when it comes to custom built homes in Central Oregon. I’m a hands on build you can communicate with. I’m proud of my craft and clean worksites are important attribute. Clean worksites are important for safety, build progress and operating on schedule. At Ross Built Homes, clean worksites are our signature throughout the entire custom built homes process.

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