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Home Remodeling and Additions in Central Oregon

When it comes to our homes, we hold great pride in the work we’ve put in and the aesthetics we’ve created. Or at least we strive for that through home improvement projects and maintenance over the course of time we own a home. For some, the time comes when home improvement moves from gardening and landscaping to a remodeling and additions. Home remodeling and additions in Central Oregon require a skills craftsman who can integrate the new with the old in order to create a home you’re truly proud to own.

Hiring a Remodeling Contractor

Depending on the project, many factors can go into hiring a remodeling contractor. For a chic, contemporary bathroom and kitchen, you wouldn’t want to go with the same remodeling contractor as someone wanting to integrate a timber framed great room addition. When it comes to hiring a remodeling contractor, here are a few factors to consider:

  • Consider the remodeling contractor’s style and your own, do they overlap?
  • View portfolios and read testimonials from past clients
  • Request bids from multiple contractors in order to find the one that fits best into your budget, but understand that price can often represent quality
  • Consider experience. How long has the contractor you’re communicating with been in construction business?
  • Meet with remodeling contractors in person, preferably at your home, to give them and yourself the visuals necessary for estimates

When it comes to hiring a remodeling contractor, it’s important to choose someone you feel comfortable with and can trust with your most prized possession. Your home. It’s where you live life every single day. Your personal space. Where your kids learning how to walk. Where you found out your daughter was pregnant. Our homes hold more than just our things, which is why it’s important to choose a remodeling contractor with the experience and professional reputation you can trust.

At Ross Built Homes, I grew up in the trades. I can do every task that I ask my crew to do, giving me a wealth of experience. From kitchen and bathroom remodels to large additions, I’ve completed a variety of construction projects in a classic, craftsman style. Specializing in timber framing, I am a remodeling contractor you can trust for high quality, rustic Central Oregon style.

Contact Ross Built Homes for more information about home remodeling and additions in Central Oregon.

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