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Acheive Mountain Style with Custom Timber Frame Homes

Custom timber frame homes have many advantages and in Central Oregon they blend seamlessly into the mountain landscape. In Bend and throughout Central Oregon, many homeowners choose custom timber frame homes to achieve the Pacific Northwest mountain style they’ve always dreamed of. Timber creates a clean aesthetic that’s pleasing to the eye. From trusses with curved timber to exposed beam structures, visitors and residents alike are amazed at the detail and beauty of custom timber frame homes.

Mountain Style Homes

Living in Central Oregon, it’s tough to not build a home that doesn’t have some semblance to mountain style as we’re surrounded by their majestic beauty. With expansive, stunning forests all around us, custom timber frame homes are both a logical and visually appealing choice when it comes to living in Central Oregon.

Timber offers a classic and traditional feel typical of mountain style homes. From the naturally occurring design of the wood to the texture of the grain, timber frame homes envelope the beautiful mountain style typical of Central Oregon. Timber framing can be done with many varieties of wood, which gives your home unique personalization and natural beauty.

Characteristics of Custom Timber Frame Homes

  • Timber can be smooth or textured
  • Depending on your personal style and taste, timber frame homes can be designed with your personal aesthetic in mind
  • Timber trusses, beams and posts are typically square or rectangular
  • Heavy-timber frames are typically more resistant to trauma, such as heavy snow load, than light-frame construction
  • Exposed timber lends itself aesthetically to the mountain lodge style
  • Timber can often be sourced from Oregon, which means your home can blend into the natural environment

Building custom timber frame homes in Central Oregon helps you achieve a classic, mountain style. Choosing to frame with timber allows your home to blend into the natural Central Oregon environment.

Contact Ross Built Homes for more information about designing and building custom timber frame homes in Central Oregon.

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