new homes in bend timber accents

Customize New Homes in Bend with Timber Accents

Most of the time when people think about customizing new homes in Bend a few typical things come to mind. Granite countertops, check. Hardwood floors, check. Surround sound, check. While these all may be examples of nice upgrades to have, depending on your builder and the resources they use, these may not be all that custom. Your neighbor could easily end up with the exact same countertops as you. Customize new homes in Bend with unique, handmade timber accents that provide the ultimate personalization.

New Homes in Bend with Timber Accents

New homes in Bend lend themselves perfectly to timber accents. With views of the beautiful Three Sisters mountains as well as Mt. Bachelor and Broken Top, the natural landscape is filled with beautiful timber that can incorporated into the style and design of new homes in Bend. Timber accents give the feeling of rustic craftsmanship. Whether building your dream home or a lodge-inspired vacation home, the rustic style that timber accents inspire will help create the feeling of home you’ve been searching for.

Examples of Timber Accents

  • Timber Framing
  • Timber Trusses
  • Juniper Mantel
  • Timbered Porch
  • Carport
  • Exposed Beam Ceilings
  • Staircases and Railing
  • Wraparound Deck
  • Cabinets
  • Entry Doors

There are many ways to incorporate timber accents into new homes in Bend. When building your new home, consult with the builder to find out their timber accent capabilities. Choosing a builder who is also a rustic craftsman will give your home enriching character and detail. By leaning on a competent and creative builder, you can achieve beautiful mountain style with stunning timber accents.

Ross Built Homes specializes in timber framed new homes in Bend, but also provides timber accents for new and remodeled homes. I have created one-of-a-kind pieces that truly make homes stand out and help owners personalize their spaces. Browse the gallery of Ross Built Homes work to get a better feel for the timber accents we’ve done in the past. Personalize new homes in Bend with timber frame accents when you choose Ross Built Homes as your builder for either new homes or remodels.

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