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Ross Built Homes builds custom new homes, and can be contracted to construct additions and remodels as well. This home in Bend showcases our capabilities when it comes to design and remodelling.

Scenic Heights Over the Deschutes River

Building this brand new home made for a pretty challenging job site. The lot sloped and included a 14 foot concrete stem wall. Located right on the canyon, it features stunning views, but we weren’t able to access the backside of the home with forklifts.

I personally did the foundation, framed it and sided it. I’m very proud of this home as I built it 13 years ago and the family still lives there and loves it to this day. For being built 13 years ago, this home was very state of the art - including fiber optics and a great sound system.

Construction Details

  • Primarily built from cedar - We had a hard time getting
    enough, cleaning out mills
  • Cedar siding, ceilings and more
  • Located in Bend on the Deschutes River
  • 2 bedrooms with office and media room
  • Approx. 5,000 square feet
  • 3 car garage that’s big enough to really fit 6 cars
  • Features a lot of logs and timber
  • Brand new construction
  • This home shows the longevity of timeless style of Ross Built Homes. As one of our earliest constructed homes, we’re extremely proud of the design, timber framing and overall outcome of this beautiful home on the Deschutes River in Bend.