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Ross Built Homes builds custom new homes, and can be contracted to construct additions and remodels as well. This home in Sisters showcases our capabilities when it comes to design and remodelling.

Sisters Mountain View

Homes Crafted to Endure

I worked with the homeowners and architect on the design of this home in Sisters. We tried to create privacy and blend the home into the natural surroundings. While this home doesn’t include a ton of timber framing, a Ross Built Homes specialty, it does have some.

The lot for this home was very sloped, which can be challenging. The excavator built a large rock retaining wall and we laid out the house on the lot by digging it out to fit in with the landscape. There are no steps into this house, which is a tough effect to achieve on a sloped lot, but we made it so it looks like it was meant to be there.

Construction Details:

  • Features a beautiful fireplace
  • Open kitchen
  • Includes pre-painted LP siding
  • Achieved a reclaimed lumber look with LP siding and a 50 year warranty
  • Fits into the Sisters landscape
  • Optimized for privacy
  • Blends into the natural surroundings

For this home, we tried to make everything blend in with low impact on the land, trying to keep as many trees as possible. We wanted to make it look like it’s been there for a long time and wasn’t just built. This home showcases our abilities to work with difficult terrain and come away with a home that fits perfectly into the lot and landscape.