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Advantages to Building Timber Frame Homes in Central Oregon

Aside from looking great against the scenic, forested backdrop, there are many advantages to building timber frame homes in Central Oregon. From lightweight construction to environmental excellence, timber frame homes help keep people comfortable. Timber frame homes have proven to be an efficient building system used in many countries all over the world. Consider these advantages when a custom new home in Bend, Sister or anywhere else in Central Oregon.

Benefits of Timber Frame Homes

Suitability for Cold Climates

While there are many advantages to building timber frame homes, the suitability for cold weather hits home in Central Oregon. When building a new home in Central Oregon, it’s important to be able to move fast, especially in the winter months. Timber framing can be built fast. Because of its energy efficiency, timber framing is ideal for Central Oregon homes and keeping people comfortable year round.


Wood used for timber framing typically undergoes less handling, which equates to lower costs. Timber framing creates less waste, as it uses the entire log, as opposed to dimensional lumber. Logs are fit to size at the jobsite and adjusted with minimal waste. Also, living in Central Oregon places in a great location for sustainably sourced and transported woods. Sourcing local or indigenous materials helps cut costs on transportation and provides an economical option for timber frame homes in Central Oregon.


Timber frame homes are more resistant to trauma from earthquakes, wind uplift and heavy snow load than light-frame construction. With the prevalence of heavy snow load in Central Oregon, the strength of timber framing stands out as one of the most important advantages. The strength of the timber also allows for less load bearing walls, which helps for individuals looking to create a home with open floor plans free of obtrusive walls. Timber framing has been prevalent throughout the course of time due to its strength and durability.

In addition to strength, sustainability and it’s suitability for cold climates, timber frame homes have many advantages in Central Oregon. Timber frame allows for quick building times, especially compared to brick built homes.

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  1. I didn’t realize that timber frame homes are more resistant to trauma from earthquakes, wind uplift, and heavy snow load. I can see why this would be nice if you live in an area that experiences these conditions frequently. My parents are thinking about moving to Colorado. I’ll have to point out these benefits when they are looking for what kind of house they want.

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