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Combining Luxury and Rustic Craftsmanship in Central Oregon

What comes to mind when thinking about rustic craftsmanship? While modern luxury may not be the first thing you think of when considering rustic craftsmanship, maybe it should be. In Central Oregon, the partnership between craftsmanship and modern luxury come together naturally to create stunning homes set against breathtaking landscapes.

Building a Foundation with Rustic Craftsmanship

When we talk about building a foundation with rustic craftsmanship, we’re talking about more than just the foundation itself. The backbone of your home, from the timber framing to the physical foundation all benefit from the principles of craftsmanship.

  • Builder passion
  • Attention to detail
  • Functionality
  • Durability
  • Design
  • Demonstrated expertise

Choosing to build your home with the principles of rustic craftsmanship results in beautiful, well-crafted homes that stand the test of time. In choosing a new home builder that’s truly a craftsman you can expect diligent attention to detail, work done at a sustainable pace, yet not fast and furious like some model home builders. Craftsmanship doesn’t leave room for excuses and incorporates realistic estimates and timelines.

Combining Craftsmanship with Modern Luxury

While rustic craftsmanship may call to mind an old-timey style that centers on beautiful hardwoods and country-inspired designs, that doesn’t mean modern luxury can’t be incorporated. Craftsmanship stands for more than just style. Craftsmanship involves artistic license in durable, high-quality homes built with a strong attention to detail.

From high-end surround sound and home theaters to technologically advanced appliances and luxury kitchens, you can combine the best of modern luxury with craftsmanship to create your dream home. In combining the principles of rustic craftsmanship with modern luxury, you get the best of both worlds.

Ross Built Homes specializes in rustic craftsmanship and has experience integrating modern luxuries to create homes that stand the test of time. Contact Ross Build Homes for more information about building your dream home.

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